Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moved my writing

I'm actively writing at another blog - Click Here to Visit

I would love to have you there. My personal domain will be redirected in due course.

Thanks for the visit.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tim Ferriss - The Twitter experiment

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I love this Guy! He's the author of 4 Hour Work Week, a very interesting read. So he's started off this twitter experiment, every follower for Tim will help donate $3 for american schools.

The fascinating thing is to watch out how this social media exercise will bring in people with mostly word of the mouth and internet social media marketing.

In turn, I plan to get completly involved in this experiment. Web 2.0 - the potential is unlimited.

I started off promoting this experiment in 
2)My Blog
5)Yahoo messenger status (imkeshav)
6)Google talk status (keshavram)

I'll try more stuff later.

You can also help by promoting from your own sources, friends, mass mailers, shouting around etc.

Copy the link or
 You can also create your own link at It will track all the clicks and maybe  you can win a prize from Tim for bringing in followers.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Netgear installation wizard - not suitable for india?

I just finished posting about the cool netgear USB network adapter. Then found out the installation wizard was buggy and stupid.

The USB device was installed and my network works through wireless. In fact this post is the second one after my desktop went WiFi. But after closing all the windows, there was this small screen hiding.

Now this is irritating. The installation was done and everything is working, where the hell does this window come from!!?

But the next screen was even more annoying.I can't select my country, India is not available. But this was legally purchased from a dealer. The label on the box shows that some xyz company has imported this.

But there is more. Trying to click escape thows a stupid message, trying to scare off a customer. Cancelling the installation? But ITS DONE!!

Time to shoot off a complaint to someone.

Wireless internet for Desktop

Woohoo!! Right now my desktop has a USB dongle which connects through wireless to my D-Link wireless router. Don't we love it when you can spend Rs1100 ($22)  and get rid of a single cable. 

Some would say that is very expensive, but hey! my mom and sis dont have to jump over a cable everyday (The router was setup in the hall and the desktop was in my bedroom. The network cable was dragged across to my bedroom. Now don't ask why? It was installed while I was away)

We have used
USB Network Adapter : Netgear USB adapter Wireless-G WG111 802.11g - choose 802.11g over 802.11b for better speeds. This is almost an plug and play network device. Review

Update: Installation is done, but still buggy. Here

This comes with an installation CD. Installation is a 2 minute job - 
1)Insert CD.
2)Run wizard
3)Insert dongle into USB port
4)Windows will detect the device and wireless networks. select your wireless network. 
(Please note that wireless network should be available before this can be used,setup with  a wireless router like D-Link )

For those not sure about this deal. Check out the below image.

Now to buy a multi USB port device. My outdated desktop has only 2 usb slots..oh well!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moved on from ThoughtWorks

Well..that's it! I finally moved on from ThoughtWorks. It was a brilliant year at TWI, the kind of things that we did was simply amazing, the best fun times ever......the blog will also move on. A new life starts here ..

This went as part of one of my 2 EXIT mails (That's right, there were two exit mails)

This image can be edited at

p.s - W.I.P means Work In Peace

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Geeks shall inherit the earth

Can you imagine this happening? But I guess we are OK with that :-)